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Smooth Abdomen Blue...

$13.85 Price

The Smooth Abdomen Blue Underbust Velcro Neoprene Shaper Large Size Best Tummy with neoprene fabric of 1.5mm thickness

Spotlight Purple Velcro...

$13.99 Price

Give you an hourglass shape in the Spotlight Purple Velcro Neoprene Shaper Large Size Superfit Everyday. The U shape design

Flatten Tummy Black...

$15.95 Price

The Flatten Tummy Black Neoprene Plus Waist Shaper 9 Steel Bones Supper Fashion with 9 steel bones and special PU material

Flatten Tummy Black Big...

$17.85 Price

This Flatten Tummy Black Big Size Neoprene Vest Shaper Hooks And Eyes Tight Fit with 2.5mm thickness featuring the function

Waist Control Black Large...

$20.69 Price

This Waist Control Black Large Size Neoprene Vest Front Zip Tight Fit provides double compression for the waist to strength tummy

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